en-US Here#039;s how you can use your Costco membership to book a cruise (COST) Costco members can book cruises through Costco Travel. Members can search for cruises offered by 12 cruise lines and compare their destinations, prices, and features. Cruises booked through Costco Travel include perks like credits that can be used toward onboard purchases. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A Costco membership comes with advantages beyond the ability to shop in the company's warehouses. Among other benefits, Costco members can purchase travel accommodations through Costco Travel, which allows members to shop for cruises, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. Through Costco Travel, members can search for cruises offered by 12 cruise lines and compare their destinations, prices, and features. Cruises booked through Costco Travel include perks like credits that can be used toward onboard purchases. Here's how you can book a cruise through Costco Travel.SEE ALSO: 8 things cruise ship workers want to tell passengers, but can't 1. Choose your destination, departure date, cruise line, and the duration of your cruise. Once you've gone to the Costco Travel website, you can narrow the options you're given if you have criteria in mind. Otherwise, you can browse the cruises that are available in a given month. The month of departure is the only criterion you need to specify. 2. Review your options. Once you've decided what you're looking for, you'll be shown the options that meet your criteria. This page gives you a snapshot of other relevant information, like the per-night prices for different rooms, the ship's features, the ports of call it will stop at, and an overall rating for the cruise ship from the travel guide company Berlitz. For some cruises, you won't be able to see prices unless you enter your Costco membership number.   3. Select your cruise. Once you've decided on a cruise, specify how many rooms you want, how many people will be staying in each room, and each passenger's age. You can also note if anyone in your party qualifies for a senior discount or is a member of the cruise line's loyalty program. 4. Select your room. You can decide the size of the room you'd like, your room's location, and whether you want a room with a view outside the ship. 5. Decide if you'd also like to purchase plane tickets. You can also purchase flight tickets and hotel reservations for before and after the cruise. While Costco will make a recommendation, you can switch to another option if you'd like. Costco says it does not offer tickets from all airlines in every market, so you may have to book flights separately to get the best price. 6. Reserve the cruise. From there, you'll land on an order page where you can review and confirm your reservation. If you're booking a cruise with Viking River Cruises, you'll have to pay the full cost of the trip at the time you make your reservation. Otherwise, full payment will be due 90-160 days before the cruise, depending on the cruise line. If full payment is not due at the time of your reservation, you'll pay a deposit. Thu, 27 2019 15:57:00 GMT 12 Back Tattoos You#039;ll Want To Show Off This Summer Picture this: It's 2001, Britney Spears just released her third album, and low-rise jeans have never been cooler. The only thing you want more than a re-up on your frosted lip gloss is a lower-back tattoo. Unfortunately, your parents probably turned down that request faster than it took to retie a halter top, but we have some good news. That tattoo you desired so badly is officially back — and it's even cooler than it was two decades ago.Lower-back tattoos may have earned a bad rap in the early aughts, but the backside placement is finally making its way back into the zeitgeist with chic and delicate designs, ranging from tiny minimal flowers to extra-long stems down the spine (see: Lady Gaga and Halle Berry).The best part about the once-controversial tattoo is that there's no limit as to where you can get inked. Whether you prefer a vertical design on your shoulder or a tiny drawing on the middle of your back, the options are endless — which is exactly why we've tracked down the best designs worth considering in 2019, so you don't have to. Ahead, 12 back tattoos you'll love.Getting a quote tattoo inked on the backside of your shoulder is all the rage — just ask Ariana Grande, who did the same with Jim Carrey's most famous line out of The Truman Show this month.Looking for the perfect font for your next tattoo? Consider getting your favorite quote in this typewriter text.The combination of fine lines and delicate details make this sleeping coyote one not-so-subtle tattoo worth considering.Screw the lower-back tattoo stigma: This dainty floral design is too cute to resist.With so much space to work with, it can be hard to know exactly where you want your ink to go. Luckily, there's Lady Gaga's rose tattoo — which extends all the way down her spine — for inspiration.Your spine tattoo doesn't have to decorate the entire length of your back; it can comfortably live in the middle, too.Or place it right on the back of your neck to your mid-back.Vertical patterns look just as good when situated on the top of the shoulder, like this ace of spades by tattoo artist Doreen Garner.As if it weren't hard enough to avoid getting another flower tattoo, there's the option of getting these petals etched in a spectrum of colored ink.Or skip the watercolor ink for a fine-lined black bouquet.Try not to get a wave tattoo this summer — we dare you.In the case of massive back tattoos, patience is a virtue — but so worth the wait.Like what you see? 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